VA Benefits | We all owe a great debt to anyone who has served in our Armed Forces. Serving in the military is a tremendous challenge, and it requires a sacrifice that should not be taken for granted. If you were active duty during wartime in our nation’s past, you now require the assistance of another person for your care and well-being, you may be entitled to a VA pension called Aid and Attendance.
Don’t Believe Everything You Hear
Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad information out there. If you believe everything you hear or believe what you are told by someone without authority or experience, you may miss out on benefits that are rightfully yours. Rather than just making the assumption that you don’t qualify, take the time to work with an attorney who can examine your situation and offer an informed opinion.
Understanding Eligibility Requirements
One of the first steps to determine if you are entitled to a VA pension is to confirm that you meet the service-related eligibility requirements. For many people, this will be as easy as providing your military service record (available on your military discharge papers or from the National Archives ). Then there are qualifying circumstances related to your financial situation and health care setup. If you aren’t sure whether you meet the eligibility requirements, work with an attorney who is accredited with the VA.
Deal with a Denial
If you have been denied benefits previously, that might not be the end of the road. There are avenues to provide additional information and appeal. Again, a good plan of action here is to work with an attorney who can analyze your standing and discuss whether there is anything you can do to be approved.
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