Protect Your Family’s Wealth from the Hyenas

Introducing the Hyena Trust – the only trust designed to lock down your children’s inheritance from toxic divorces, lawsuits, and poor money management.

  • Sleep better at night knowing your family’s legacy is protected by our trademarked, state-of-the-art trigger trust.
  • Assets remain accessible to your children until a divorce or lawsuit is filed – then, the trust instantly freezes funds.
  • The Hyena Trust shields your hard-earned wealth from courts and creditors during legal disputes.
  • Once the case is resolved, your children regain full control of their rightful inheritance.
  • Easily integrate the Hyena Trust add-on into your existing estate plan
  • Get complete peace of mind that your family’s financial future is secured

You’ve worked too hard to let predators destroy your legacy

Our founding attorney, Michelangelo Mortellaro, custom-designs each Hyena Trust to match your unique family situation and concerns. With the Hyena Trust, you can rest assured knowing your children’s inheritance will stay protected from life’s unexpected challenges.

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