Estate Planning Attorney | Questions to Ask

Estate Planning Attorney | While the business of estate planning is not looked at very cheerfully since it hints at the mortal existence of a human being, it is extremely important to take into consideration the future prospects of the coming generation. As such, one must make the required preparations regarding estate planning in order to make things easy for the inheritors. However, it is a sensitive business and making the right choice for an attorney is extremely important.
Here are 10 questions that everyone must ask a prospective attorney in order to ensure reliable and effective estate planning:
1. What is their experience when it comes to dealing with estates and trusts?
2. How long does it take them to complete a project for estate planning and how long will it specifically take for this particular case?
3. Would it be suitable for them to send documentation about the estate planning for review to the client?
4. Would they be able to assist the clients with funding assets into a living trust?
5. Do they offer maintenance and an updating program?
6. Would they be quoting a fixed price once they have gone through the estate planning project?
7. In case a client needs help on some matter but the particular attorney is not available at that moment, would there be someone else to help the client?
8. If, in future, unforeseeable circumstances lead to issues, which are directly or indirectly related to the estate from a project on which they have worked, would they be willing to help their client?
9. What is their take when it comes to efforts of avoiding the probate process?
10. Whether estate planning is their primary forte or not?
If a client gets suitable answers to the above questions, then they should definitely consider hiring the attorney. Looking for a reliable estate planning attorney? Visit The Law Office of Michelangelo Mortellaro P.A.