Aid and Attendance | Experience is a great teacher. Maybe you, or a loved one, or a friend, has had to deal with a aging or ill family member who did not adequately plan for their senior years. Maybe that person did not think about long-term health care needs, or maybe he or she did not leave a will. Do you remember what you or that friend had to go through? Remember the hours spent trying to find someone to turn to for help? The scrambling? The stress?
If you don’t want to put your own family through such times later, plan now. Proper estate planning does not require hours and hours of work, but it will save headache, heartache and dollars for your family later.
Turning Over Responsibilities
By consulting with an elder law attorney, you’ll learn how to hand off some tasks that may have been weighing you down. Don’t have to draft your own will, only to wonder if it will be sufficient. Fill out a form that answers some key questions, and the law firm can ensure the proper language is used for the laws in your state. Do you understand how to apply for Medicaid or other federal and state programs that provide assistance? An accredited attorney who handles these types of cases every day can guide you through the maze of paperwork and the complicated processes.
Following Through
Once you have consulted with an estate attorney, talk to your financial advisor as well. You may have to move money among accounts to qualify for certain government programs that have eligibility rules. Attorneys and financial planners can position you for quick approval.
Have those conversations with family that you have been putting off; the tough ones dealing with end of life issues. Where would you like to live out your days? Can you afford to stay in your own home? Will a son or daughter live with you, or you with them? What if you need an assisted living facility or nursing home? How will you pay? What will happen when you die? Make your wishes known. Talk about how to make it happen. Then see an estate planning attorney to draw up the documents spelling it out.
Time to Relax
With a plan and documents in place, it’s time to enjoy life. If some or all of these issues are on your mind, call Mortellaro Law for a free consultation. We practice in the areas of elder law that focus on estate planning, probate, and asset protection for Medicaid and VA Aid and Attendance benefit qualifying.