Medicaid Benefits | Let’s say Dad is getting on in years. He gets around the house okay, until one day he takes a fall inside the home. After a trip to the hospital, he’s moved to a rehabilitation facility, where he will work toward going home again. He has saved a bit during his lifetime, so he’s not stressed financially. But then things don’t progress so quickly, or complications arise. Medicare is paying for the first 21 days, but the facility staff is saying he may need rehab or skilled nursing care beyond the Medicare coverage. Faced with a bill over $5,000 each month, Dad’s lifetime of saving could start to evaporate quickly if things drag on. What if he never goes home again? Will he need to sell his house of 40 years?
There are families around Tampa Bay that face this scenario every week. What would you do?
The Medicaid Option
Because you want the best for Dad, you explore Medicaid assistance. This federal financial assistance program is administered by the states, and it has a set of eligibility requirements. You heard from a friend that there are asset limits, so you think Dad does not qualify. You begin to worry that he will use up his money in a couple of months and won’t have anything left. Will he have to lose everything to finally qualify?
The Asset Protection Solution
The amount of questions and number of uncertainties can paralyze a family into inaction. However, a skilled elder law attorney can provide guidance for this, or any number of similar situations. The answers may surprise you, and give Dad a chance to get quality care and preserve a portion of his savings for the next generation. 
If you’d like assistance in navigating the process toward receiving Medicaid benefits, contact Mortellaro Law today. Our team will be happy to offer you a free consultation, so you can understand your rights and decide if you’d like to move forward.