Elder Law Attorney Tampa | The day has come. Your loved one cannot function as independently as before. He or she needs care, and health care costs keep going up. So millions of Americans turn to Medicaid, the joint federal and state program that assists those with income and assets issues. The Medicaid qualifying and application process can seem challenging. Understanding the paperwork, deadlines, and the required supporting documentation can pose a significant obstacle to many older Americans.

If you’re having difficulty understanding the filing process for Medicaid benefits, or if you have been denied, contact an elder lawyer for guidance.

Explanations of the Processes

Medicaid processes have always been complex. In the rapidly changing healthcare industry, keeping up with the latest changes can be extremely difficult for the average citizen. An elder lawyer stays up-to-date on these changes and can explain how they affect you. Your attorney will help you understand the various steps to the application process. He or she will explain how you can and can not move money and stay eligible. They can advise on whether to sell the house.

Individualized Plans

Everyone’s financial situation is unique. Everyone’s desires for healthcare are unique as well. Attorneys who work in this area of law can explain the options that work best for your situation. Some assets are counted and others are not. Your attorney can explain the differences. There are many strategies to becoming eligible.

Help with Filing

Elder law attorneys handle the application preparation and submission. They guide you as to which supporting documents are necessary. Hiring a professional in this field increases the chances that you’ll get approved and receive financial assistance. He or she can also assist you if your claim was denied.

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