As roles reverse over time and you move from grateful child to caregiver or manager for aging parents, you will undoubtedly encounter the need for an elder law attorney. But what are the important aspects of choosing an elder law attorney to provide the best assistance possible for your family? Mortellaro Law offers elder law services to residents of Tampa Bay and throughout Florida, and we have many satisfied clients.

We believe choosing an elder law attorney for your needs is not to be taken lightly. Consider the following three primary requirements as you undertake the process of choosing an elder law attorney.

Legal Expertise

Obviously, you need an attorney for legal expertise. Elder law encompasses future planning and legal challenges faced by an aging population. Many questions and challenges will arise as you become involved in the care for your aging parents or loved ones, and you will need solid, up-to-date answers and counsel in how to proceed.

Mortellaro Law is your trusted partner for elder law needs in Florida, including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • VA Benefits Assistance
  • Long-term Nursing Care Planning
  • Asset Protection

Our elder law attorneys have well over two decades of combined experience in serving Florida’s local elderly population. Mortellaro Law founding attorney, Michelangelo Mortellaro, Esq.,  is accredited by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs and is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. (NAELA).

Personal Compassion

Elder Law services revolve around partnerships. The elder law attorney for your family partners with you, as well as connects you with other beneficial organizations and services that can provide needed assistance in many areas. These relationships may begin as a legal connection, but they almost always evolve into close personal connections.

At Mortellaro Law, we endeavor to provide our elder law services to your family seasoned with personal compassion. Nothing is closer than family, and we treat you and your family as if you were our own family. Because many elder law issues are intensely personal, we believe maintaining close relationships with our clients is essential to serving them with excellence.

Helpful Resources

The needs of your family will be varied and unique, according to your life’s circumstances and the changes you will encounter as your parents or loved ones grow older. You need an elder law attorney that can connect you with a wide array of resources for the different stages and challenges of aging. This can range from caregiver support to long-term care options to recommended home renovation contractors and more.

Mortellaro Law has strong partnerships with numerous resource people and organizations to help you navigate the challenges of caring for aging parents. We are your go-to source for answers, planning, resources and support. One of our newer resources is the Center for Caregiver Support. Watch these informational videos on our YouTube channel to learn more, or contact Mortellaro Law with your questions.

As you seek a qualified elder law attorney to walk with you throughout this portion of your life’s journey, we hope you will consider allowing Mortellaro Law to serve you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.