Wills | The Law Office of Michelangelo Mortellaro P.A. | According to USA Today, millennials would rather live in the present moment than prepare for their future. It’s not news that millennials would rather go on an exotic trip than plan their funerals. This could be due to the fact that those people born in the years 1980 – 2000 don’t have the assets that people 10 to 20 years older than them have in their names.
But just because the millennial in your life is poor and hungry today does not mean that they don’t want to think about their futures at some point. Whether we’re talking about professionals or elder law, we can motivate the millennial generation by tweaking their future understanding of the things that they value the most.
Adventurous Travel
For many millennials, exotic vacations in far-flung locales seem way more appealing than the leisurely travel of people from other generations. But while you’re backpacking in the Amazon or walking the beaches of Malaysia, the likelihood of getting hurt can get elevated.
If you have a millenni