Few people like to consider what can happen in the future. While we may lay plans for work, family, vacation, trips, retirement and more, it is also prudent to make plans for unfortunate circumstances. Michelangelo Mortellaro is a Florida estate planning attorney who has worked with many families and individuals as they plan for the future. He is a compassionate and knowledgeable legal professional who can clearly explain the benefits of advance directives and work with you to craft those you need. 

What Are Advance Directives? 

Advance directives are legal documents that provide instructions for different circumstances in the event you become unable to make decisions for yourself. An estate planning attorney can explain the role of each type of advance directive in detail, and recommend which ones would be of greatest benefit to you and your family. 

Mortellaro Law can help you draft: 

  • A Durable Power of Attorney – this grants decision-making authority for a variety of business, legal and personal matters to a person you choose. 
  • A Living Will – this provides instructions for your care at the end of life in the event you cannot make those decisions for yourself. 
  • A Healthcare Directive – this designates a person of your choosing to make healthcare decisions for you in the event you cannot make them for yourself. 

Each of these can contain specific provisions that reflect your unique wishes or circumstances. A Mortellaro Law attorney can help you determine your needs and craft the appropriate directives. 

Why are Advance Directives Important? 

A vital part of caring for your family is sparing them the unpleasant and often difficult tasks relating to unforeseen circumstances. While no one likes to talk about long-term illness or disablement, they happen. Making these decisions in advance, while you are still capable of clear and reasoned thinking, is one of the best ways to protect your family. 

Moreover, without these legal directives, strangers or others without your best interests in mind could be making important decisions about your care, family and assets. Mortellaro Law can help you determine which advance directives should become a part of your overall estate plan. Contact us today for a free initial consultation about advance directives and your future.