Will | Even despite the advances in medical technology, the mortality rate of humans remains a fixed 100 percent. With that in mind, why do millions of American go to their grave without a legal will?  A legal will from an attorney that does wills, will distribute the assets to whomever the testator declared. The executor doles out the testator’s possession.
Let’s say an individual died in a car accident one week from now. He lost his life because of a drunken driver. Even without assets, the estate could file a wrongful death lawsuit that generates millions of dollars in costs. All of this gets divvied up and distributed by the state if there is no will. Dying also creates a hassle known as an administrative bond. Without the appointment of an executor on a will, the court appoints one themselves to distribute the property. The administrator posts a bond to ensure he doesn’t loot the estate and disappear. Normally, the cost of this bond will be $100 per year for every $100,000. This comes out of the estate assets.