Estate Planning | One of the most important parts of proper estate planning is creating a will. A will is essentially a document that outlines exactly what you want to happen with your estate in the event of your death. Having a will created ensures that your last wishes are upheld and that your estate is handled correctly.
There are many items that people choose to include in their will that you may or may not have considered when you think about estate planning. Here are some of the most critical things that most people wish to include as part of their final wishes:

  • Clearly outline the estate and the beneficiaries to certain assets
  • Guardianship of minor children
  • Plans for the sale or distribution of a home
  • Division of personal items
  • Creation of trusts

There are a variety of ways that a person may elect to distribute their property and money, and that decision may become very overwhelming if you decide to plan it by yourself. An estate planning attorney can walk you through the variety of options that you have including:

  • Any necessary information you should include in the will
  • Outline proper names and spellings of beneficiaries
  • Look over the document for any outstanding issues
  • Update the text as life events occur

A will is a document that your family and friends will rely on to make sure that things go as you would have wanted them to. Take out the guesswork by making sure that your will is thorough and includes all the information that is necessary to carry out those final plans.
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