Elder law attorneys primarily handle legal issues for people as they age, particularly assisting with estate planning, securing healthcare and long-term care benefits, and directing the transfer of financial assets. If you are a caregiver for an elderly loved one, you may need an elder law attorney when dealing with issues that include: 

  • Estate planning and advance directives
  • Administrating estates and trusts
  • Protecting assets 
  • Long-term care placements 
  • Probate

Each of these issues can be complicated and time-consuming. An elder law attorney from Mortellaro Law in Tampa can handle these matters while you focus on providing compassionate care for your loved one. Here’s what a qualified elder law attorney can provide:

Unbiased Advice 

Emotions frequently can cloud good judgment when it comes to making decisions for an elderly loved one. For example, older parents or family members often wish to remain in their homes and maintain their independence. Sometimes this is possible – and sometimes it is not. An elder law attorney is not emotionally attached, so he or she can offer unbiased advice based on what is best for the family member.

Long-term Care Planning 

Elder law attorneys routinely see a variety of medical and financial situations in families with elderly loved ones. An attorney can help them look beyond the short-term and make plans for the future that may involve long-term care for chronic illnesses or other problems. An important aspect of this is protecting existing assets while planning for possible access to Medicaid benefits.

Crafting Estate Planning Documents 

Everyone should have an estate plan in place. These documents generally include a durable power of attorney, a healthcare surrogate, a living will, and a Last Will and Testament. The durable power attorney allows a person to appoint someone else, an “agent,” to make and carry out financial and other legal decisions involving assets. The healthcare surrogate and living allow a person to direct future healthcare decisions if they become incapacitated, while the Last Will and Testament directs the distribution of the estate after he or she passes away.  Having a durable power of attorney, healthcare surrogate and living will documents in hand gives a caregiver clear and written directions about how the senior feels about certain situations, such as the use of a ventilator to prolong life.

Assistance with Medicaid Benefits

An elder law attorney can help caregivers and seniors navigate the difficult and confusing Medicaid application and review process. Many of these attorneys also know how to access veteran’s benefits and other government resources that a senior may be eligible to receive.

Mortellaro Law serves both Tampa Bay and Treasure Coast area families with elder law issues that affect their loved ones. Nearly everyone will face aging issues at some time. Prepare for them as early by working with one of our experienced elder law attorneys. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Be sure to like us on Facebook!