Veterans of conflicts such as World War II, Korea and Vietnam have reached the age where they may need the assistance of another person to perform basic activities of daily living. Things such as bathing and showering, going to the bathroom, walking, and even feeding oneself. VA Aid and Attendance is an under-publicized benefit meant to provide a tax-free monthly payment to eligible veterans or their surviving spouses, so they can afford that assistance. If you are a veteran of wartime service, or the surviving spouse of an eligible veteran, the Aid and Attendance benefits could literally be life-changing.

Changing Needs Bring on Stress

When even the little things in life start to become difficult, you might first turn to a family member for help to get through certain tasks, such as getting dressed for the day. Eventually that need for assistance will grow or change as you age. Maybe those family members are not able to devote more time to your care. So it becomes necessary to pay someone else for the proper care. This often comes at a time when you are on more of a fixed income, so it becomes a strain on the household finances, too. Veterans in these situations may be entitled to Aid and Attendance benefits through the Veterans Administration. The benefit amount is determined by whether the beneficiary is a veteran, a veteran and a spouse, or an unremarried surviving spouse. No matter which category you fall into, a monthly payment of more than $1,000 is sure to help defray the costs of assistance and lead to a much more comfortable life.

With VA Aid and Attendance, Experience Matters

Given the potentially powerful impact these benefits can have on your life, it’s worth consulting with a VA-accredited attorney to see if you qualify. Experienced attorneys can show you the best path to obtaining this benefit through the blizzard of forms that it requires, and the red tape that can sometimes leave applicants feeling defeated.
For more than a decade, Mortellaro Law has been accredited by the VA to assist veterans and their families in Tampa, Florida, obtaining Aid and Attendance. Every initial consultation is free, so it costs you nothing to see if you qualify for this life-changing benefit. Our team would be proud to serve you, and thank you for your service.