Estate Planning Attorney | You’ve made the conscious decision to plan your estate, and you’ve even hired the proper estate planning attorney to help you out. You feel like you’ve done your part to make sure that your assets are divided fairly, and now you have nothing else to worry about. Well, that’s may not be entirely accurate.
While it’s undoubtedly terrific that you’ve created an estate plan, specific events in your life require an update. Don’t assume that an estate planning attorney will know when these life changes occur so you should remain in touch with your lawyer periodically and inform them of any critical shifts in your life. An estate may need to be updated in the event of:

  • Birth of a new grandchild or another family member you may want to name as a beneficiary.
  • The death of a loved one that was once named as a beneficiary.
  • You divorced or remarried and would like people included or removed from your estate.
  • There’s been a significant financial change in your life that impacts the inheritance outlined in your state.

Plus, there are a variety of other unique life events that may influence your current estate. Failure to keep updated could result in a lot of issues for your loved ones in your passing.  Don’t assume that just because you have a plan that it is set and ready to go. Remember to check in with your estate planning attorney periodically to go over any significant changes and discuss how it impacts your estate.
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