For over a decade, Michelangelo Mortellaro has provided quality assistance and solutions to Tampa area residents needing estate planning services. With over 200 positive Google Reviews, Mortellaro Law is now the Highest-Rated Estate Planning Attorney in Tampa and all across Florida. Michelangelo Mortellaro and his talented team work to protect your home and assets while planning for your future. When you need an estate planning attorney in Tampa or elsewhere across Florida, Mortellaro Law is the clear choice for both experience and excellent service. 

Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in Tampa 

Michelangelo Mortellaro is an experienced estate planning attorney in Tampa who focuses on the best estate planning and probate solutions for each individual client. Each person and situation are unique, with specific tax, asset, health, family, business and other concerns. Beyond drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills and medical powers of attorney, Michelangelo Mortellaro has vast experience and knowledge with the more intricate matters of estate planning that involve business transactions, succession planning and complicated tax situations. 

Planning for the future and end-of-life scenarios is painful for everyone, regardless of social stature, wealth or health. You need a compassionate, understanding and experienced estate planning attorney to help you make informed, intelligent and beneficial decisions for yourself, your family and the future. This is true for those with a high net worth and those with limited means. Mortellaro Law serves everyone equally with the same dedication to excellence and professionalism. 

Knowing that a solid estate plan is in place provides great peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Death brings emotional and stressful circumstances; you can reduce these in measurable ways by establishing an estate plan that is relevant and up to date. Michelangelo Mortellaro and his team have the tools and knowledge necessary to handle all your estate planning needs in Florida. 

Seasoned Estate Planning in Florida 

Most Florida estate plans include the same basic elements to handle the final disposition of assets and assign guardians for minor children. Others may need more specialized elements to handle special tax or business situations. 

A will names a personal representative, someone who will be in charge of disposing of your assets according to your recorded instructions and otherwise administering your estate. You can also appoint a legal guardian for dependent children or other dependent family members. 

A trust is a legal means to protect assets for the benefit of another. An appointed trustee manages the assets for named beneficiaries according to instructions provided in the trust agreement. Depending on the type, trusts are useful when you need to: 

  • Avoid probate hassles 
  • Minimize tax liability
  • Protect assets from creditors
  • Preserve assets for future generations
  • Provide a funding source for specific charities or organizations 
  • Manage money for young, disabled or irresponsible family members

Michelangelo Mortellaro and his team can advise you on the different types of Florida trusts and how they can become a vital part of your estate plan. Other major estate planning elements can include living wills, powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney. 

Probate and Tax Planning 

Probate is the process overseen by the Florida courts wherein a decedent’s will is executed. They ensure that the personal representative named in the will handles debts and taxes, and other obligations, in the correct order and according to the law. Tax planning is an important part of any estate planning. Looking ahead and using the various means available to legally shelter your assets from excessive taxation can preserve more of your assets for your loved ones or other beneficiaries. Mortellaro Law can work with you to prepare for the probate process. We can also help your personal representative with the many legal details of probate. 

Planning for Elder Care

Planning for elder care looks to the future possibilities of declining health and other matters that could require extensive care. Incapacitation or a disabling condition could occur, rendering you unable to manage your own affairs. Health care surrogates and powers of attorney can place a trusted person in charge of your assets and healthcare decisions to ensure the proper care and that your wishes in certain situations are honored. Our team also helps you to fund these scenarios by planning for long-term care and other expenses, so your estate assets are not harmed. This can include Medicaid planning and other benefit options. 

Mortellaro Law – Your Estate Planning Attorney in Tampa 

Michelangelo Mortellaro and his team are dedicated to being your estate planning attorney in Tampa for life. More than a simple document-drafting service, our team is here for you from early estate planning through the updates and challenges of growing older, until we assist your family with probate to settle your estate, or avoid probate altogether with proper planning ahead of time. Working with a long-established and highly-rated estate planning firm allows you to face all of life’s challenges with peace of mind and a great sense of stability. 

Your personal estate planning attorney is a partner throughout life, helping you through the changes that life brings, like marriages, divorces, births, business events, property transactions, estate planning updates and beyond your own death. Through it all, Michelangelo Mortellaro and his team are with you each step of the way, offering seasoned advice and guidance to help you make the best decisions along the way. 

Mortellaro Law maintains two offices, conveniently located in Tampa and Stuart, Florida. We serve the entire State of Florida with unparalleled skill and experience, as proven by our superior ratings and reviews. Contact Mortellaro Law today to schedule a confidential consultation about your future.