Elder Law Attorney Tampa Fl | There are simply too many areas of law for one attorney to be the right fit for every situation. Most lawyers focus their practice on several areas of the law. With that in mind, it makes sense to retain the services of a lawyer who frequently works in the areas of law relevant to your situation. If you need an elder law attorney in Tampa, select one who is right for your needs.
A Comfortable Relationship
The work being done by an elder law attorney is serious business, so start the relationship on a solid foundation. Meet with prospective attorneys and see how you feel about each one on a personal level. You want to trust that your attorney always has your best interests in mind.
Does Your Lawyer Concentrate in the Right Areas of Law?
Picking the perfect elder law attorney for you has a lot to do with making sure you match up with their specialties. For instance, one elder law attorney may focus mostly on estate planning, VA benefits and Medicaid issues, but you require a guardianship. Do your research, then interview the attorney to ensure he or she is the right person for your needs.
What Are the Costs?
Some attorneys charge a fee for a consultation and others do not. Some charge by the hour while others charge flat fee for the all the work you require. Ask questions and pay attention to the attorney’s answers to see if you are comfortable with the process and the price.
At Mortellaro Law, we never charge a fee for an initial consultation, so call us to schedule a free one-hour appointment to address your questions and your needs. We hope to serve you and your family soon.