Elder Law Attorney | Did you know that millions of deceased Americans have their identity stolen every year? This is a major phenomenon for identity thieves, and it’s crucial to understand how you can prevent this from happening to your loved ones. An elder law attorney can advise you on the steps to take to prevent this from happening to you.
Believe it or not, one of the easiest places for thieves to start is at the printed obituary. If you include identifying information like the exact date of birth, maiden name, or address, there is a chance that someone could use that information to steal their identity or break into their house.
After their death, there are a few organizations that should be notified of the individuals passing. If the decedent was receiving government benefits like Social Security, make sure to notify the Social Security Administration to ensure they are aware of the death, and will stop sending payment. It’s also important to notify the major credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, so they can ensure there are no major changes to their credit score post-death. It can also be beneficial to get the opinion of an elder law attorne