When something needs to be planned out – no matter what it is – it’s easy to decide to put off that task for a while. After all, the things you need to plan out are usually happening well into the future, so it doesn’t feel so urgent today. However, when it comes to qualifying for Medicaid benefits, planning is something that should be done sooner rather than later.
Why Applicants Plan
The Medicaid process is varied and complex. Much of the path to qualifying will depend on your financial situation. So it might be tempting to think, “Why bother with it now?” But Medicaid administrators do a financial “look back” of five years, and they can impose penalties for improper transfers during that time. By talking to a Medicaid expert now and making smart financial decisions over time, it’s easier to be properly positioned for a quicker and stress-free Medicaid application and approval.
Maybe you still need to support a spouse or want to leave money to your children. Again, by working with an expert, making the proper money moves now, and staying in compliance with Medicaid rules, you will be less likely to torpedo your Medicaid qualifying process.
Knowledge and Experience
Most people have little to no previous experience with Medicaid benefits planning. Even if you have another family member who went through the Medicaid process, your situation may be significantly different. You may require a different path to approval.
At Mortellaro Law, we work hard to position our clients to receive the benefits they deserve. Every day our firm works with individuals and families who are planning for future long-term care needs. It costs you nothing. Our initial consultations are always free, so you can learn about the Medicaid process, your options now, and alternate paths. Our friendly team is waiting to serve you.