Elder Law Attorney Tampa | Some people resist the need to retain the services of an attorney, believing they can simply sort through their problems on their own. But if you are facing important issues that will impact your financial or healthcare-related future, working with an elder law lawyer is a smart move.
Estate Planning
This is one of the most common reasons people call an elder law attorney. Maybe you are heading for surgery. If things don’t go well, who will make healthcare decisions for you if you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to do so? Having a durable power of attorney, healthcare surrogate and living will in place will reduce that stress for you and your family. The doctors and hospital usually insist on one or more of these to be in place.
And of course, you should have a plan for distributing your estate when you pass. An elder law attorney is well-versed in the laws of your state, so he or she can ensure that your will or trust will carry out your wishes and reduce the headaches for your family.
Addressing Healthcare Needs
One of the many ways an elder law attorney provides value is when it comes to qualifying for financial assistance for state or federal programs. Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs have programs that provide monthly stipends to assist families that have expensive healthcare needs such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Navigating the processes for these programs can be tricky, so using a skilled professional makes the process quicker. An experienced attorney will help you understand your situation and present options for moving forward wisely.
Now You’re Gone
Most elder law attorneys also work in an area of law called probate. For those who did not set up a proper estate plan, a person’s estate may have to go through the court-administered process. Probate can be costly and time-consuming, but an elder law attorney can help the heirs with the process and ensure it follows the laws of the state.
At Mortellaro Law, we assist families every day with probate, estate planning, and qualifying for financial assistance programs such as Medicaid and the VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit. Call our office today for a free, one-hour consultation about your needs.