Those who forgo hiring an experienced Medicaid benefits attorney to save money in the short run sometimes run into pitfalls that are much more costly in the long run.
The Medicaid program in Florida is expansive and confusing, especially for first-time applicants. Many well-meaning people run afoul of the rules, or didn’t know so many existed, and they receive denials, tax penalties, or delays. Each one costs money and turns up the stress.
Denial of Medicaid Benefits
Medicaid is a complicated system with many nuanced programs. Not understanding the rules or opportunities can cost you or your loved one significantly if denied. An attorney, who focuses on this body of law has the knowledge, resources and experience to help you pursue the benefits you deserve.
Application and Appeal Errors
A common reason for Medicaid denials is because of application or appeal errors. Missing or inaccurate information can lead to a denial. Speaking with a lawyer beforehand will help you avoid this frustrating situation.
Not Understanding the Potential Pitfalls
Because there are income and asset limits set by law, many people believe shifting or retitling assets is the shortcut to success. Making large gifts to a family member during the so-called “look-back period” is a no-no and triggers a penalty period.

Contact an Experienced Medicaid Benefits Laywer

Experienced attorneys who work with Medicaid agencies every day know which tools to use and how to navigate the system. They can even go so far as to help prevent the loss of benefits. Let’s say you are on Medicaid, but a brother or sister dies and leaves you money. Now you may have too much money and risk losing your benefits. Experienced attorneys know how to plan for such events. Would you know that your own?
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