One of the advantages of working with a law firm that focuses on Medicaid benefits is that it knows where folks make mistakes in the application process. Such firms can then guide you around these pitfalls so your application goes more smoothly. Also, if you have applied on your own and been denied, the attorney usually knows right where to look for issues that might be causing the problem.
The Waiting Game
One of the common mistakes folks make is simply not starting early enough. Because most states have a Medicaid “look-back” period to examine your financial resources, many applicants require asset protection. Attorneys who work with Medicaid applications every day know the ins and outs of the state regulations regarding income and asset limits. You may have heard that you have too much income each month or too much in assets, and you don’t think you can be successful. Experienced attorneys in this area of law know the path to success, but it will take a little bit of time to put things in place. Don’t delay, especially if you need the Medicaid benefits in the near future.
Don’t Be Ashamed
Do you think you have made one of the common mistakes when applying for Medicaid benefits that could prevent your approval? It’s nothing to be ashamed about. You aren’t the first person to go wrong in this process, and you won’t be the last. Instead of feeling embarrassed about it, simply reach out for experienced guidance. In many cases, an attorney can quickly develop a plan to move forward and get you closer to eligibility in the future.
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