Medicaid Benefits | If one of your loved ones, such as a parent, reaches a point where moving into an assisted living facility is the best option for health and safety reasons, you’ll quickly learn that it can be quite expensive. In fact, moving into an assisted living facility is beyond the financial means of many individuals. Qualifying for Medicaid benefits – a monthly benefit defraying the cost of care – can turn assisted living from a far-off goal to reality. 
Feeling Stuck in the Middle
Many people lack the financial resources to pay for assisted living without having to burn through their bank account. At the same time, however, those same individuals might not qualify for Medicaid benefits – at least initially. For those who give up on the possibility of acquiring benefits, the outlook may appear pretty bleak. Without enough cash in the bank, and without the help of benefits, moving into assisted living just might not seem possible. 
Seek Help to Find a Solution
Giving up on the possibility of qualifying for Medicaid benefits should not be an option until you have pursued all available avenues. To do so, talk with an experienced attorney who knows how the system works and can advise you on options to proceed. You may be surprised to find that there is a practical solution available which will allow your loved one to receive benefits and pay for the assisted living care they need. 
It’s a common mistake for individuals to believe they don’t qualify for Medicaid assistance – even before they have taken a close look at the topic. By working with Mortellaro Law, you can examine this possibility carefully to see if there is an available path to receiving benefits. We look forward to serving you.