Medicaid Benefits | You, or a loved one, suddenly needs help with everyday activities, like bathing and dressing. The thought of paying for that help, while getting by on a limited income, is stressing you out. A friend, doctor, or healthcare worker tells you to look into Medicaid. He or she describes this as monthly financial assistance from the federal government obtained through your state. Now you think, “I might not have to go broke paying for all this care.” But then you realize you don’t even know where to begin, and you find the paperwork of the qualification process confusing.
Depending on your circumstances, Medicaid can be obtained relatively quickly – sometimes by as early as the next month. But you need to get started on your paperwork right away. If you make a mistake along the way, that error could lead to a refusal of benefits, and frustration in the long run. 
Rather than hoping to get it right when it comes to the Medicaid qualification process, take a different approach and work with an experienced attorney who can take over the paperwork for you. Attorneys that work in this area every day can explain which assets count in determining your eligibility and which ones can be protected. That way there’s a greater likelihood your claim won’t have a delay-causing error. You will have to obtain some documents and financial statements, but your attorney is available to answer any important questions you have along the way. With the guidance of an experienced professional, this process will be far less intimidating and should go much quicker as well. 
It’s never a good idea to fill out the paperwork you don’t understand. For one thing, you might make mistakes, and even if you do it right, you may not know what it’s all about. For something as important as Medicaid benefits, don’t take any chances. Contact Mortellaro Law today to get help.