Estate Planning Attorney | While many people think that estate planning involves handling the financial aspect of your life, it also involves planning for a funeral and how you’d like your body to be taken care of after you’ve passed away. These are crucial steps to take with an estate planning attorney who can ensure your wishes are acted on.
In Florida, make sure you read up on cremation laws. There are certain places where your ashes can and cannot be spread, so before determining that cremation is right for you, consider where you’d like your ashes to be spread.
Additionally, you should set aside money with your estate planning attorney to ensure your funeral can be paid for. The average funeral price nationwide is closer to $7,000, and should be adequately accounted for in your will. Many estate planning attorneys will discourage you from prepaying for a funeral, and have certain drawbacks like not accounting for inflation. The funeral home could also potentially close or change owners, leaving you without a proper burial and spending money that has gone to waste.
Life insurance policies will often include funeral planning costs, but double check to ensure you’re covered. Additionally, an irrevocable trust can help you avoid taxes that are associated with funeral costs.
It’s also important to keep mind that funeral costs are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. Never let a funeral director persuade you to purchase a full package when you only want certain services.
If you are contemplating post-life arrangements, contact an elder law attorneythat can help you prepare and guide you through these choices. The Law Office of Michelangelo Mortellaro can assist you through this challenging time. Contact them today to get guidance.