In-Home Care for Elder Citizens

Elder Law Attorney | A new trend in long-term care planning is to hire an at-home nurse who can help with physical care and day-to-day things around the home. This is becoming more and more common, and allows aging seniors to stay in their home longer without joining a senior community. If you are considering this option consult with an elder law attorney who can advise you before hiring someone and spending potentially tens of thousands of dollars.
While long-term care insurance used to be common in the 60-year-old age group, it is now down trending younger and younger. If you need help immediately paying for in home care, first go to and see what federal benefits are available. It is not uncommon for in-home care to cost between $25-50 an hour, and can involve costly modifications to your home like grab bars, building a ramp or widening doors and hallways.
An elder law attorney could also help you apply for a little-known option called Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. This is a Medicaid and Medicare program that helps keep aging seniors out of nursing homes and covers in-home care, dental and doctor care, nursing home stays and prescriptions. Talk with a local elder law attorney to determine if you’re eligible in Florida for governmental assistance.
If you have the luxury to prepare for in-home care, it’s advised to start saving as soon as possible.