Tampa Elder Law Lawyer | There are some occasions in life when it is simply better to work with a skilled professional. By hiring an elder law attorney, you gain access to knowledge and experience you don’t possess on your own. What occasions call for such help? Let’s take a closer look.
Help with Medicaid
Health care is a primary concern of many families as fathers and mothers become senior citizens. The financial burden of a rehab center or assisted living facility stay suddenly can become tremendous after just one unfortunate fall around the home. Applying for Medicaid becomes an immediate need. To make sure you are getting the coverage you deserve through Medicaid, it’s best to work with a professional who understands the rules, limits, processes and your rights.
Plan Your Estate Properly
If you have considerable assets and property you want to leave to your family, it pays to have an elder law attorney keep you out of probate. Probate is the court-supervised process for distributing a person’s assets after death. The court doesn’t do this for free; there are costs that can take a chunk out of the assets you planned to give loved ones. Proper estate planning is more complicated than filling out a will form found on the Internet. An experienced attorney can advise you on how to put assets in a trust, transfer property and real estate, and deal with the tough decisions necessary if you become incapacitated through health care surrogate and living will documents. Your estate is unique, and laws vary from state to state, so have a professional put your affairs in proper order.
You Simply Need Advice – Fast
Life events sometimes catch us off guard. You may find yourself in a tough situation and need advice on what to do next. An elder law attorney with years of experience can help you navigate the path ahead. Which options are best for you and your loved ones moving forward? Are there assistance programs available that you haven’t yet considered? Rather than fretting over what seems like an impossible situation, reach out for help and work toward a solution.
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