Estate Planning Attorney | One of the easiest and simplest ways to take control of your estate is to put in place a power of attorney. A power of attorney is not simply for the elderly, but for every adult over the age of 18. Any estate planning attorney can help you set this up, but you’ll also discover you can do this on your own.
A power of attorney is essentially designating an agent that can act on your behalf when it comes to finances, property or legal matters. This is a great first step to estate planning, and can ensure your assets are protected in the case of physical or mental incapacitation. They have access to things like bank statements, healthcare documents and can make legal decisions on your behalf.
In Florida, it’s important that there are two witnesses and a notary present for the signing of a power of attorney. One of the witnesses could be a notary, and the other could be your estate planning attorney. If you don’t comply with this requirement, the power of attorney will be considered null and not valid.
You can nominate more than one power of attorney, but if there are two people designated, they must act unanimously. If there are three people named in the power of attorney, they must take a vote and the majority decision will win. It’s important to note that if a spouse is named as p