Estate Planning | What Is The Wrong Way To Start Planning?

Estate Planning | What Is The Wrong Way To Start Planning?

Estate Planning | When it comes to asset protection, there is a right way and many wrong ways to approach the situation if you are
retired or nearing retirement. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they have already retired to start an
estate plan or think about Medicaid and VA benefits. Fortunately, elder law provides many protections for aging
Americans who need to secure their assets and their future.
What Is The Wrong Way To Start Planning?
There are plenty of wrong ways to go about estate planning. One Florida man tried to legally adopt his younger
girlfriend and leave his assets to her in a frenzied protection attempt. While most people would not do this, the
point is to avoid making decisions based on panic. Our attorneys are here to help and can assist you in estate
planning, VA benefits, Medicaid planning and more.
What Is The Right Way To Start Planning?
The right way to start planning is to contact an estate planning attorney. You need an advocate on your side who
knows the law and how to help you build a personalized plan. Our attorneys can help with several different areas of
elder law. If you have a home, investments and other assets, we can help you protect them with trusts and wills.
We also help with business succession plans if necessary.
Our attorneys can help you set up power of attorney forms that allow a trusted individual to make financial or
medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. If you are considering entering a nursing home or
assisted living facility, it is important to set up a protection plan for your assets in advance, and you may also need
help with VA benefits or Medicaid planning. We know what Medicaid covers and can explain it to you.
To learn more about protecting your financial future, yourself and your heirs, please contact Mortellaro & Sinadinos
for a free consultation.

Don’t wait! We can assist you with all of your estate planning legal needs. Call to schedule an appointment with one of the top estate planning attorneys Tampa has to offer! Tampa office at 813-367-1500 or send us your questions online.
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