Estate Planning | Probate court essentially handles the legal matters surrounding the division of assets and settling debts associated with an estate. This process can be complicated or simple based on the specifics surrounding the particular situation.
In the event the deceased had a will, then the probate process is often much more straightforward. The executioner of the will simply file the will with the courthouse, and the division of assets will be deemed by what is outlined in the deceased’s last will. However, if there is not a will in place, then the court will have to appoint someone as the administrator of the state.
From there, the appointed person will have to notify certain entities of the person’s passing such as banks, creditors or other people that they had financial business with. An inventory of assets will also be conducted in order to appraise the contents and also divide the assets.
Probate court can be a very complicated process that is often further complicated by the failure of planning. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved one. Having a will in place as well as a completed estate planning will go a long way in streamlining the process and ensuring that your estate is managed as you wish it to be.
Your best option is to hire a professional to help guide you through the process and make probate court as simple as possible. You and your family deserve this type of peace of mind.
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