Estate Planning | Planning Your Estate

Estate Planning | Planning Your Estate

Estate Planning | Death is an inevitable part of life. For most people, their top priority is making sure that their death will not end a business or leave their loved ones with financial burdens. The easiest way to live with peace of mind is to set up an estate plan.

Setting Up An Estate Plan In Tampa Bay

Every person has a unique set of needs when it comes to estate plans. For those who have a business, buy-sell agreements, business contracts and trusts can protect family members and business partners in the event of one partner’s death. Wills, trusts and power of attorney forms are important for those who have families. Trusts protect assets and can dictate how money is distributed to heirs. Wills specify wishes for allocation of assets, and power of attorney forms designate a person to act on behalf of an individual in the event that he or she dies or becomes mentally incapacitated.

Why Work With Mortellaro & Sinadinos, PLLC, ?

Although there is a big do-it-yourself trend sweeping the country today for everything from home improvement to legal forms, DIY estate planning can wind up hurting families and businesses. Only a knowledgeable attorney knows all of the complex probate laws, the tax implications of estate planning decisions and how to build the best estate plan for an individual’s unique needs. Also, attorneys keep up with changes in laws and can help people alter their estate plans to keep them as beneficial as possible for everyone involved.
At Mortellaro & Sinadinos we have helped thousands of Florida residents set up thorough estate plans to protect their interests. We take the time to learn about each client’s business, family, finances, debts and assets. Since most people see estate planning as a difficult process, our helpful attorneys take pride in making it quicker and easier than expected. Call us today for a free consultation.

Don’t wait! We can assist you with all of your estate planning legal needs. Call to schedule an appointment with one of the top estate planning attorneys Tampa has to offer! Tampa office at 813-367-1500 or send us your questions online.
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