Estate Planning | Elderly Care

Estate Planning | Elder law
dProper care for the elderly is essential for every aging member in the population. They deserve access to a safe and comfortable care when they retire. It is therefore paramount to have a good grasp of the elder law to ensure their care and needs are adequately met.
Estate planning
Estate planning determines how the assets of an individual will be distributed once they exit the stage. Trusts and wills are drafted and signed to ensure that the proper and the intended people access the funds when they need them.
Estate planning arrangements are designed to ensure that there is a smooth transition of funds and assets.
In case someone fails to prepare an estate plan , this leads to a time consuming and expensive probate process. The attorneys will help you draft a good estate plan that will allow you to give property to the people you wish, reduces incidences of unnecessary taxes.
Va benefits
The law focuses on assisting people who have served in the military access benefits relating to medical care as well as tax services. The initial requirements of the Va pension are 90 days of military service, with at least one of the above days falling in a recognized war period and release/discharge from the servic. To receive the Va pension benefits, you must be above 65 years with income limits set by the congress.
Since denial of applications is a commonplace, the Law Office of Michelangelo Mortellaro P.A. is in Florida are dedicated to ensure that every elderly veteran in Tampa receive the benefits they deserve.
Medicaid planning
Medicaid helps cover skilled nursing facilities and assisted living. It also incorporates services that allow one to stay in their home. Education is paramount and the attorneys will explain how the law applies in your case.
It is necessary to speak to your attorney before applying the Florida Medicaid benefits. This is necessary for application without proper understanding of the rules of eligibility can lead to long penalty periods.
Wills and trusts
Aging folks in Florida may need wills and trusts which are up-to- date to avoid potential family conflict and avoidance of probate. The Attorneys will provide you with the requisite guidelines to ensure that you meet your goals and have peace of mind. Varied trust exists such as living trust, special needs trust and irrevocable trust
Probate and estate
Probate refer to the process that is used to transfer property to charitable organizations and loved ones. The lawyers are instrumental in helping one fill the will and testament while the court will determine which assets, property and liabilities form part of the estate.
The attorneys will take your family through the entire court process and help prepare the documents needed in the transference of title and property as per the will.
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