Estate Planning Attorney Tampa | What Millennials Should Know About Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney Tampa | Today’s younger generations may believe they don’t need to prepare an estate plan because they see those decisions as being far off in the future. They may believe it is a waste of time and money to make estate plan decisions that are likely to change rapidly in the years ahead. Here are some key reasons why millennials should consider working with an estate planning attorney.
What About the Unpredictable?
A thorough estate plan doesn’t just cover what happens to your stuff when you die. Good estate plans include important documents you need while you’re alive. What if an accident tomorrow rendered you unable to make decisions about your health care? Would you want to be kept alive by all medical means necessary, even if you are likely to remain in a vegetative state? Advance directives and living wills allow you to name someone to make decisions regarding your medical care if you are unable to do so. These documents allow others to know your thinking and to have the authority to carry out your wishes.
Millennials are eager to see more of the world while they are young. They aren’t as interested in saving travel and high adventure for their retirement years, or even for their mid-career years. Frequent travel does come with some risks. Health risks abroad may be of concern. For those who engage in adrenaline-fueling passions, the risks are even higher. Having an estate plan will not only offer the millennial greater peace of mind but also for all of those around him or her.
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