The Difference Between an Estate Lawyer and Elder Law Attorney
Elder Law Attorney | Legal experts offer all different specialties, including things like elder law and estate planning. How do you know what type of legal assistance to seek, and what are the benefits of one versus the other?
An estate lawyer, and an estate planning lawyer, is someone who specializes in allocating and itemizing how an individual would like their estate handled after they pass away. This includes dividing things like physical property, stocks and bonds, real estate and suggests how to handle things like estate taxes. They are also specialized in legal documents like wills, living trusts, health directives and power of attorney. The difference between an estate planning attorney, and an estate attorney is that an estate planning attorney meets with an individual before they pass away. An estate attorney often deals with legal issues after an individual is deceased.
On the other hand, an elder law attorney focuses on the specialized needs of senior citizens. An elder law attorney is oftentimes also skilled in estate planning, but might have more specialized knowledge on elder law as well. An elder law attorney is often privy to long-term care legalities like nursing homes, Medicaid, conservatorship, and other things that are specifically related to legal issue an older population faces.
An elder law attorney is often familiar with state specifics surrounding things like wills and trusts. These laws differ from state to state. While some things like Medicaid applications can be done without a lawyer, it’s always a safe bet to consult with a specialist familiar with your state laws.
While there is some overlap between the types of law, be sure to find an attorney that is skilled in your specific needs. No matter what your situation, the law offices of Mortarello Law can assist you with your estate planning and elder law needs. Contact them today to schedule a confide