An elder lawyer is an attorney who is trained to assist senior citizens or their families. One of the most important aspects of getting older is having essential documents prepared when incapacitation or death occurs. Some of the documents that senior citizens should have prepared while they are physically and mentally healthy include:

  • Last will and testament – make sure that this is current
    • Insurance policies – medical, life, home and vehicle
    • Living will or health care directive – update this occasionally
    • Authorizations to release medical information – vital in an emergency
    • Personal medical history – helps with essential treatments
    • Health care proxy – someone to make important decisions
    • Identification cards – social security, driver’s license and others
    • Funeral or cremation plans – makes decisions easier for families
    • Deeds – documents showing ownership of property

Senior citizens may procrastinate preparing these documents because they don’t want to think about having a serious illness or dying, but when these situations occur, relatives and friends aren’t able to make important decisions in a timely manner.
Reasons for Having These Documents
Without having certain documents in place, a family may need to wait for a judge in a courtroom to make an important decision. If a senior citizen or their family doesn’t know what types of documents are required or how to make sure that the documents are legal, then they should contact an elder lawyer who has the proper training to help them.
Make Sure to Have Fast Access to Legal Documents
Not only should a senior citizen have an assortment of legal documents to prepare for a serious illness or their death, but also, it is essential for relatives to know where these documents are located. A senior citizen can create a file that contains all of the documents to keep in an easy to access place inside their home, and it is also a good idea to have copies of the documents stored at a law firm where there is an elder lawyer available.
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