Elder Law | For Seniors

Elder Law | For Seniors

Elder Law | It is crucial to make plans for the end of life so that grieving family members do not have to experience extended legal battles and unnecessary expenses. Although few people want to think about dying, an elder law attorney will help make the process easier. It is vital to draft a will and consider ways to shoulder the burden of long-term care.
Living Will
In Florida, it is common and encouraged to create a living will, which declares whether or not a person wants to remain alive on life support in the event he or she becomes unable to make the decision at a particular time. Lawyers follow sections 765.302-303 of Florida statutes that state all competent adults can create this type of document at any time.
Medicaid Issues
Medicaid is a government program meant to help a person deal with long-term senior care issues. It can be confusing to comprehend what the benefits cover, but a knowledgeable attorney can explain the requirements, the application process, and how it can help protect a family’s assets from being used to fund an elderly relative’s nursing home costs. Veteran Benefits Military personnel who served the country are often entitled to a pension for their work. Stringent eligibility requirements may lead to a denial of benefits. Working alongside a Florida attorney will ensure all paperwork is completed without
errors. Also, legal counsel may use the system’s tools to help an ineligible client qualify for benefits, including Aid and Assistance. When it comes time for seniors to make plans for themselves and their family members, it is wise to consult with a trusted elder law attorney. The Tampa Bay Law Group understands Florida laws and helps clients claim the benefits they deserve.
When it comes time to draft a will, apply for Medicaid, or deal with veterans’ issues, it is important to know the facts.

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