Elder Law | What's the Right Way

Elder Law | What’s the Right Way

Elder Law | Senior citizens have certain legal needs that others do not. Many seniors want to make sure that their
wills are in order, and having the help of a legal professional who understands estate law can be
extremely helpful. Older citizens may also want help with Medicaid planning or disability issues.
Unfortunately, some private industries seek to take advantage of vulnerable seniors who don’t
understand the complexities of laws against elder abuse. These and other concerns are why elder law
is recognized as a unique legal field.
Law is complex. Many non-attorneys underestimate how hard it is to navigate the law, and often
believe they don’t need legal representation or counsel. This can lead to time-consuming and costly
errors. If you are facing legal issues, you should seek out the advice of professional attorneys. They
have the education and experience needed to guide you safely through your legal situation. Having a
lawyer on your side makes it much more likely that you’ll receive all the rights and benefits to which
you’re legally entitled.
If you’ve decided to seek legal help, the best way forward is to make sure you have a good, qualified
lawyer on your side. Before deciding on an attorney, you should make sure that he or she is a
member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. This ensures that others recognize your
lawyer as an elder law practitioner.
You should also ask if the attorney is willing to work with you personally. Some law firms will try to
have clerks work with their clients as much as possible, but a lawyer who pays attention to you will,
naturally, understand your specific needs better. It is important to choose someone with whom you
can have a good working relationship. Finally, you should make sure that your prospective attorney
understands the specific area where you need help.

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