Elder Law | Who Needs an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder Law | Young? Middle aged? Senior citizen? No matter what the age, an elder law attorney is needed by everyone to help protect assets and establish an estate plan. Because life is unpredictable, it is never too early (or too late) to get started.
All age groups can benefit from using Florida’s multiple asset protection options such as the homestead exemption for real estate and making sure that the title to real estate is in the form of tenants by entirety. Both protect assets from creditors. An attorney can also help determine an appropriate amount of insurance coverage based an individual’s specific situation to provide adequate coverage should an accident or other unexpected incident occur.
It is also never too early to prepare healthcare directives so that they are in place in case of a healthcare situation. Documents such as a living will make a person’s health care decisions known in advance and are a good idea at any age.
A will is another document that can be put in place at any time, and the earlier, the better. The purpose of a will is to ensure that a person’s assets are transferred as they desire and not left to the probate laws and court.
As a person ages, he or she may consider the formation of a living trust to provide for his or her own needs as well as the needs of a spouse and/or children. A trust in some instances eliminate the need for a court appointed guardian should a person become incapacitated and also simplifies the probate process for individuals owning property in multiple states.
An elder law attorney can benefit a person of any age and give families a peace of mind for the future should an unexpected crisis occur. Don’t leave the future to chance.
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