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Elder Law Tampa | What is a living will and why should anyone consider having one prepared?

A living will is a document containing directions for the type of medical care a person wishes to receive (or not to receive) should that person become incapable of making or expressing his or her desires. The living will addresses care for terminal and end stage conditions, as well as conditions resulting in a permanent vegetative state. Additional care instructions can also be added. A surrogate is named in the living will. This surrogate will be asked to carry out the wishes expressed in the living will should the individual be unable to do so for him or herself. Although forms for living wills can be obtained online and completed, it may be advisable to consult an attorney so that any questions or concerns can be discussed and addressed.

Prior to visiting an elder law attorney to have a living will drafted and executed, the following items should be considered: 1) What type of care will be given in situations where recovery is not possible? 2) What type of care will be withheld in situations where recovery is not possible? 3) Are there any additional directives that family members or medical professionals need to know? 4) Who will be named as a surrogate to carry out the living will if necessary? Once these questions are answered, a living will that accurately reflects an individual’s wishes can be prepared. A copy of the executed document should be given to the surrogate as well as healthcare providers and other individuals that may have need.

And the benefit to a living will? Having a living will prepared in advance by an elder law attorney prevents family members from being faced with difficult healthcare decisions and ensures that an individual’s wishes are carried out.

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