Elder Law Attorney | You may have heard the term “elder law attorney” batted around in casual conversation. While several people have a general idea of what services they can offer, others simply have no idea. In general, an elder law attorney looks out for the best interest of the elderly as well as their family members. While there are several areas of expertise, we will cover some of the most common services that this particular type of attorney offers.
Estate Planning
Much goes into the organizing and planning of an estate. Everything from wills to probate matters can be accomplished by relying on the expertise of an elder law attorney.
Healthcare Planning
As we age, we never know how long our health will hold out. An elder law attorney can assist with health care arrangements including long-term care options and establishing health care power of attorney.
In certain situations, guardianship decisions must be made for special needs individuals or young children. An elder law attorney can assist individuals through this process from start to finish.
Financial Representation
Gift taxation, financial planning, and several financial services in between can all be dealt with by a skilled elder attorney.
Other Areas of Assistance
There is a multitude of different ways this type of lawyer can be of assistance including creating living wills, create power of attorney, or simply explain areas of the law that impact their client’s life the most in their later years. There are a variety of reasons that a person may find this type of legal assistance useful and many people appreciate that they can hire a single attorney to help them with multiple legal matters.
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