Elder Law Attorney Tampa Florida | If you’re looking for an elder law attorney, either for yourself or a loved one such as a parent, pay attention to communication skills during your consultation. It’s important for any lawyer to communicate clearly with his or her clients, but that attribute is even more important when an elderly individual is involved. 
Clarity is Essential
As people age, their mental faculties naturally decline. This happens at different rates for different people, of course, but it’s important to remember that a person in their 70s or 80s may not have the same mental abilities they had decades ago. This gets at the heart of why communication is so important with an elder law attorney. Anyone being represented by a lawyer should understand exactly what is going on and what decisions they are making, so communication between lawyer and client should be a top priority. 
Establishing a Good Relationship
By working with the same elder law attorney for all of your legal needs, you can develop a trusting relationship that will make life easier in many ways. There are various legal matters that can come up later in life, from Medicaid qualification to estate planning, wealth preservation and more. Rather than seeking out a new lawyer each time an issue comes up, build a relationship with someone who communicates clearly and makes you comfortable at every turn. 
To work with an elder law attorney who focuses on clear communication at all stages, contact Mortellaro Law right away. Michelangelo Mortellaro offers free initial consultations to discuss your needs and determine how you should proceed. At Mortellaro Law, we start by listening to the needs of the individual or family. Once we all agree on a course of action, we strive to walk you through every step, and ensure you understand the process. No matter what kind of elder law issues you are facing, we’re happy to assist.