Elder Law Attorney Tampa Florida | When an elderly family member reached a point in life where he or she needed regular help, you probably jumped in and offered whatever support you could provide. That may have meant doing chores around the house, driving to appointments, paying bills, cooking meals, washing laundry, helping with medication and much more. You can offer many types of help, but what about legal advice? Now you’re probably out of your comfort zone, so consulting with an elder law attorney is a wise choice. 
Getting the Right Guidance
There are a variety of legal issues that can come up later in life. Does Dad have a will in place? What if Mom becomes incapable of taking care of her bills? Who will make healthcare decisions if Dad has a stroke and is unable to communicate? What happens if Mom and Dad need to go into a nursing home? What will happen to the house? 
An experienced elder attorney has seen just about every situation, and he or she can prepare the documents to cover just about every worry. Wills, trusts, healthcare surrogate documents, durable power of attorney documents and Lady Bird deeds are all part of a comprehensive estate plan. Taking the proper steps now can relieve the mountains of stress l