Elder Law Attorney | Applying for Florida Medicaid can be a stressful and time consuming process. If you were recently denied for Medicaid, you might be feeling defeated and worried. But there is good news — a qualified elder law attorney can help you file for an appeal and assist you in getting the coverage you deserve.

The state will have 90 days to approve or deny you Medicaid if you apply on the basis of disability or 45 days if you apply on another basis. Once you receive the notice that you were denied, it will outline how to request a hearing and that you can represent yourself, hire a professional — preferably an elder law attorney — or bring a spokesperson like a friend or relative to help you. The notice must also state why you were denied and outline the specific rule they’re using to deny you eligibility.

Take time to go over documents and potential solutions to your denial. If you were declined because the state did not believe you were disabled, you might have to take a medical exam. If you decline to comply, you will lose your appeal.

Once the hearing is complete, and you’ve made your case, you will receive a written explanation of the hearing officer’s decision. If you win the hearing, you will get retroactive coverage, so make sure you keep track of all medical bills and expenses from the time you apply, to when your appeal is complete.

If you were recently denied from receiving Florida Medicaid and want to file for an appeal, contact The Law Office of Michelangelo Mortellaro. Michelangelo can assist you throughout the hearings, and ensure your rights are advocated for. Call today to schedule a consultation.