Estate Planning Attorney | Power of attorney can be an extremely useful and necessary document to have in place in the case of a health emergency for people of all ages, but especially the elderly.
A well-written and comprehensive power of attorney can provide peace of mind and ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of in the case of an emergency. It’s important to have a detailed document in place. Otherwise, it can be more problematic than beneficial.
If you have assigned power of attorney, they are able to make health and financial decisions for you in the case of an emergency. If no power of attorney is in place, the court will be required to make decisions on your best interest. Additionally, a guardianship or conservatorship will often have to be put in place. This can be costly if a power of attorney is not already established.
Another benefit of establishing a power of attorney is the important conversations with family members that are involved. This process involves a lot of thought and consideration, and presents a great opportunity to discuss wishes and expectations if a family member is in a health emergency.
It’s important to speak with a legal expert skilled, such as an estate planning attorney, to ensure your power of attorney is comprehensive and leaves no opening for legal inconsistencies. Once this document is in place, there is little room for misunderstanding. This also protects the agent (oftentimes the spouse) from allegations of financial abuse when allocating assets.
Having a power of attorney in place prior to any emergency can provide peace of mind and lessen the burden on family members in what is often an already stressful and emotional situation. Speak with an estate planning attorney.  Speak with the law offices or Mortarello Law to draft a power of attorney document and ensure your rights are taken care of.